Target Shooting is one of the safest sports that you can enjoy. It is safer than football, cricket, golf and even fishing!!!

This does not happen by chance - all shooters when joining a club will be given rigorous training in the safe use of all types of firearms and must pass a safety test before being allowed the unsupervised use of any firearm.
Until such time as the range safety officer allows a new member a safety pass all use of firearms by all such members will be strictly supervised on a one on one basis by a qualified member of the club.
It is every shooter's prime responsibility to ensure the safety of themselves and others on or off the range at all times to enable our sport to enjoy such high safety standards.
The Isle Target Sports Club will not sponsor the application for a firearms certificate until such times as these safety standards are met.

Always treat any firearm as loaded.
Always keep any firearm pointed in a safe direction (down range at all times).
Make sure that you are fully familiar with any firearm before use.
Always check any firearm to ensure it is unloaded, even if you were the last person to use it.
Always make sure that firearms are stored away from unauthorised persons and in accordance with the law.
Store firearms and ammunition in different cabinets at home.
NEVER leave them in a vehicle unattended.
All firearms safety and security is a matter of common sense and good judgement

Use Yours and be Safe